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Common Bentley Problems & What to Do About Them

 Posted on February 01,2024 in Uncategorized


While built to a higher quality standard, even the best and most luxurious automobiles require careful attention to maintenance and repairs. Whether it's your daily vehicle or a car you only take out for special occasions, your Bentley is a precision machine that deserves nothing less than branded tools and specialty components.

At Rosso Service, we have extensive expertise in servicing and repairing Bentley automobiles and will go above and beyond to ensure your vehicle drives as good as it looks.

Common Bentley Issues

Bentley's reputation for engineering excellence and precision assembly is hard to match. Hundreds of hours of labor go into the process, and the craftspeople who assemble each vehicle adhere to the strictest quality standards.

Of course, when the rubber meets the road, problems can occur that require the same attention to detail to effectively correct. Some of the most common issues our technicians encounter when servicing a Bentley include:

  • Air suspension system: Legendary for the smoothest ride on the road, Bentley vehicles achieve this via a complex air suspension system. When the compressor fails, it can cause the entire system to fail. Stresses from failing or failed air struts, found on the front and rear suspension, are major contributing causes to the air compressor failure.
  • Brake lights: Some models have an issue with the LED brake lights prematurely burning out or flickering. Fortunately, some of the light assemblies can be repaired rather than costly replacements from the Manufacturer.
  • Window problems: Aging motors and problems with the lifting system are common; replacing the component is usually all it takes to correct the issue.
  • Engine issues: Check engine lights, gasket leaks, malfunctioning turbos, oil pipe and vacuum hoses, cooling system malfunctions, and corroded leaking radiators are common issues on some models.
  • Brake issues: As with many vehicles, the brake pads, rotors, and hoses installed on your Bentley can suffer extensive wear and tear. In most cases, replacing these every five years is recommended to prevent brake failure.

Can I Bring My Bentley to Just Any Repair Facility?

Every Bentley is manufactured to exacting standards, and each component is a precision-engineered item that requires the appropriate tools and expertise to install. When your luxury or exotic vehicle breaks down, it's crucial to know that your repair facility has the specialized training, tools, and expertise to diagnose and correctly resolve the problem.

At Rosso Service, our technicians have completed extensive training that allows us to service models by one of the world's highest-regarded manufacturers. In our eyes, every Bentley is as much a work of art as it is a motor vehicle, and our specialists treat the vehicle as such.

Our thorough diagnostics and rigid attention to every detail ensure that we properly diagnose the issue and effectively correct any problems that would negatively impact safety, performance, or appearance.

Trusted Bentley Technicians Serving Forest Hill, MD

The specialists at Rosso Service have serviced and repaired a broad range of exotic and luxury automobiles. From routine maintenance to precision repairs, all from within our secure, climate-controlled facility.

Our dedicated team members are experts with extensive knowledge in servicing the vehicles manufactured by Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Bentley, Aston Martin, and many others. We maintain training to effectively service your luxury exotic vehicle to the very high standards reflective of the brands.

When you choose our team to service your luxury exotic automobiles in our service area of Maryland, DC, Virginia, Delaware, or Pennsylvania, you’ll always enjoy:

  • Upfront pricing
  • Thorough attention to detail
  • Precision craftsmanship
  • Genuine manufacturer components
  • Master technicians
  • And more...

Contact Rosso Service at 410-638-2886 when you need Bentley maintenance or repairs in the Forest Hill area.

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