The exclusive Rolls-Royce is the choice of people seeking the ultimate luxury vehicle. As the owner of a Rolls-Royce, you deserve the best service possible. At Rosso Service, we strive to exceed your expectations when it comes to customer service and quality. We specialize in luxury and performance vehicles, which is why we’re the choice for auto enthusiasts in Southern Maryland and beyond.

Rolls-Royce Repair Specialists in DC, Baltimore & Philly

When you make the investment in a luxury vehicle, it becomes a priority to provide your car with the best service possible. For many, that can mean taking your Rolls-Royce to the dealership for repairs. If you’re in the Washington, DC, Baltimore, or Philadelphia area, look no further than Rosso Service. Rosso Service works on all models of Rolls-Royce vehicles, including the Phantom, Ghost, and Dawn, as well as classic models.

Rosso Service has experienced technicians that can provide you with dealer-quality repairs without the inflated dealership price. We know you expect the best, so Rosso Service uses genuine Rolls-Royce parts in all repairs and maintenance services.

Our expert Rolls-Royce repair services include:

  • Complete engine and drivetrain service, including repairs, upgrades, and rebuilds
  • Suspension service, including repairs, tuning, and upgrades
  • Exhaust service, including installation, replacement, and performance upgrades
  • Brake service, including pad, rotor, and caliper replacement, upgrades, and more
  • Interior repairs and upgrades
  • HVAC charging, repairs, and upgrades
  • Restoration
  • Computerized diagnostics, ECU programming, and performance tuning
  • Performance upgrades and aftermarket installations

Rolls-Royce Maintenance & Performance Tune-Ups

Regularly scheduled maintenance can help keep your car running better, for longer. Specialized care is necessary for luxury vehicle brands such as Rolls-Royce. At Rosso Service, we allow you to skip the dealership, but still provide exceptional, highly-specialized Rolls-Royce maintenance service. Our technicians can perform factory recommended routine maintenance to brake and suspension services. Keep your Rolls-Royce in optimal condition by bringing it to Rosso Service.

Our Rolls-Royce repair services include:

  • Oil, filter, and fluid changes
  • Tire installation, balancing, and rotation
  • Complete brake service
  • Suspension inspections, lubrication, and tuning
  • ECU tuning and diagnostics
  • Complete performance tune-ups including plugs, wires, coils, filters, and more
  • Aftermarket performance upgrades

Keep your Rolls-Royce at the top of its performance curve and protect its value with regular maintenance, without the hassle of the dealership. To learn more, check out our services page.

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From Annapolis to Alexandria, Philly to Baltimore, and the DC Metro area, Rolls-Royce owners throughout the region know they can count on Rosso Service to provide the care and maintenance required to ensure reliable, consistent performance with dealership quality service.

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