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Oil changes are a significant part of any car maintenance. Swapping out old, 'gunky' oil for clean every 3,000-5,000 miles of operation, helps keep your engine running smoothly and prevents erosion to certain components of your automobile. By keeping on top of regular oil changes, you can extend the life of your car's engine, and improve your mileage.

Ferrari owners understand regular oil changes are a must. With such a powerful automobile, demands on the engine and it's components are much higher than with the average road weary vehicle. Precision parts and sophisticated workings of a Ferrari demand professional care and maintenance. Owning a piece of machinery like a Ferrari hardly warrants a DIY, or "quickie" oil change.

For professional service on your high-end performance vehicle, trust Ferrari-certified Rosso Service. We're Maryland's premier Ferrari service specialist. Our owner has been in automotive services for well over two decades, more than half of that time devoted to high-end Italian exotics, like Ferrari. Rosso Service technicians are Ferrari trained and certified, factory recommended for their professional skill and experience.


Ferraris aren't your everyday automobile. Only a select number of these powerful machines are produced each year, and an even more select few have the privilege of owning such an exquisite vehicle. Caring for, and preserving the integrity of, one of the world's most coveted automobiles is priority one for Ferrari owners.


Oil changes become an even more important part of maintenance with such an investment as an exotic car. While the fallout of ignoring the need to replace the oil in a standard automobile can be costly, damage to your Ferrari's components and engine won't just compromise the performance of your car, it will greatly reduce any return on your investment.

The high-pressure engine in your Ferrari needs clean oil to coat moving parts, preventing damage and ensuring peak performance. Clean oil means less viscosity, which means the oil will move through the engine and components with ease. This is extremely important in the Baltimore and D. C. area with temperatures dropping below freezing in the winter months. Older, thicker oils take a long time to circulate and can spread dirt through your car's engine, compromising performance and risking damage and costly repairs.

Your Ferrari is a powerful piece of machinery. The reason for that power lies in the precision parts that make up your car's engine. High quality oil, complemented by a high quality oil filter, aren't only necessary for performance, but vital in preventing damage to the engine.

When you have your oil changed by a certified Ferrari service technician, you have the added advantage of the professional edge. There are signs the technician can see during an oil change that may warn of impending problems with your car's performance. Spotted early, the possible repairs will be less costly, and less apt to cause damage to your Ferrari.

Don't risk your high-performance Ferrari by skimping on an oil change and don't overpay at Ferrari or exotic car dealerships. Rosso Service professional Ferrari technicians are the only service people who should ever touch your car, be it for routine maintenance or repairs, body work, or restoration. For your next Ferrari oil change in Maryland, contact Rosso Service.


If you need a professional Ferrari oil change in Maryland that you can trust, give us a call or fill out a contact form today to discuss your needs, or schedule an appointment for your Ferrari service or maintenance needs.

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