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Maryland Engine Repair Services

Luxury Vehicle Engine Repair and Maintenance in Maryland

Engine Repair

The engine is the heart of your machine. When your engine isn't in top condition, your car won't deliver the performance you desire. At Rosso Service, our expert mechanics are masters of all manner of motors. Our highly trained team understands the demands inherent to high-performance vehicles whose engines require specialized care. We guarantee that when you entrust your vehicle to us, our team will deliver the same care and attention to detail built into the machine by the manufacturer.

Contact Rosso Service at 410-638-2886 to learn more about the specialized engine services we offer to clients in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.


Even the best-built engine can falter and fail. Our certified technicians can do everything from repairing the fuel pump to replacing the engine block. When your engine suffers damage, our team is ready to step up and return the engine to operational condition. We use only genuine, factory-manufactured replacement components during our repair services. Whether you own a Ferrari, Porsche, Aston-Martin, Bentley, or another luxury automobile, you can depend on our team to correct the problem quickly and effectively.

We Repair a Variety of Makes & Models

Including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin, & Maserati

We Service the Following Luxury Car Brands:

Contact Rosso Service at 410-638-2886 for more information about the engine repair services we offer in Washington, DC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia.


The engines within sports cars and luxury vehicles are built to precise and exacting specifications. When engines age and components begin to fail, rebuilding the engine is a wise investment. Rebuilding an old, worn, or damaged engine is often less expensive than purchasing a new engine. Moreover, it creates an opportunity to customize the engine to deliver the performance you desire.

Contact Rosso Service at 410-638-2886 to discuss the possibility of rebuilding your engine. Whether you have blown a rod or have a piston that is making noises, we are ready to show you why we are the region's first choice for luxury automobile owners.


Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your automobile in pristine condition. Our certified mechanics will perform a thorough inspection of your vehicle and perform all routine maintenance tasks recommended by the manufacturer. We will also make recommendations regarding additional maintenance we recommend based on your vehicle's age, mileage, and usage. We take great pride in our ability to forecast potential engine problems and address them before they result in an engine failure.

Contact Rosso Service at 410-638-2886 to schedule engine maintenance for your luxury automobile. Whether you own a touring car or a sports car, our team will help you maintain your engine and other components so you can enjoy a worry-free trip down the road.


Our technicians have spent most of the last 40 years under luxury automobiles. While everyone else admires how they look and how they perform, we direct our focus to how they operate. We have a thorough knowledge of how luxury automobiles are manufactured, the evolution of their design, and the intricate details of how each engine is put together. When you hire our team to repair, rebuild, or maintain your vehicle's engine, we guarantee that we will deliver superior workmanship on every task we perform.

Contact Rosso Service at 410-638-2886 for more information about the engine repair, rebuilding, and maintenance services we offer in Washington, DC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia.

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