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Exotic Car Pre-Purchase Inspection Services in Maryland

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Purchasing an exotic car is an investment in freedom and adventure. But, beyond the luxury and excitement, it's a potential financial investment in an asset you want to appreciate over time. Because exotic cars require specialized attention and care, it's essential to assess and verify the true condition of any exotic vehicle before you sign on the dotted line.

At Rosso Service, we use our extensive expertise, years of knowledge, and attention to detail to identify current issues and potential future problems through a comprehensive, 100-plus point pre-purchase inspection. Our extensive inspection and attention to detail will ensure that you know the true condition of the vehicle before you purchase.

Contact Rosso Service at 410-638-2886 to schedule a pre-purchase inspection for an exotic vehicle you have your eye on in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, or Delaware area.


Our pre-purchase inspections thoroughly assess and confirm the mechanical, electrical, and physical condition of the vehicle. Our comprehensive approach is designed to confirm the cosmetic condition of the vehicle, the condition of mechanical systems, and the overall safety of the vehicle.

These are just some of the checks we'll carry out under each category:

  • Exterior cosmetic: Paint condition, body condition, fit and finish, dents, scratches, glass condition, etc.
  • Drivetrain: Service condition, engine operation, transmission, mechanical issues, clutch operation, shifting, etc.
  • Interior: Condition, seat controls, seat belts, carpets, headliner, door panels, dash, etc.
  • Mechanical systems: Brakes, suspension, steering, cooling, HVAC, tires, etc.
  • Electrical systems: Interior/exterior lights, electric windows, warning lights, gauges, electrical operations, etc.

These inspections are followed by a road test of the vehicle that will allow the technician to assess the performance and drivability of the transmission, engine, brakes, steering, suspension, clutch, and other systems.

Our comprehensive inspection will give you an accurate assessment you can use to adjust your offer, withdraw your offer, plan for maintenance, and possibly anticipate future repairs.

Contact Rosso Service at 410-638-2886 to learn more about the pre-purchase inspection process and schedule an appointment in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, or Delaware area.


It's easy to overlook flaws or ignore critical details and get carried away by the thrill of buying an exotic car. However, that's a surefire way to find yourself with a vehicle that spends more time in the repair shop than it does giving enjoyment on the road.

Pre-purchase inspections can reveal potential issues, preserve your safety, and protect the investment you want to make in a high-end vehicle. At Rosso Service, we treat every exotic vehicle with a healthy dose of skepticism because we know that even precision-engineered vehicles manufactured to the highest standards aren't always properly maintained, repaired, or cared for.

Our unbiased approach to pre-purchase inspections, coupled with our extensive knowledge of luxury and exotic automobile brands and the potential issues inherent to the various makes and models from different manufacturers, allows us to deliver reliable information to ease your mind or use to negotiate.


At Rosso Service, our expert vehicle technicians have the expertise and experience to perform pre-purchase inspections you can depend on. We'll assess the condition of Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati, Lamborghini, Bentley, or other vehicles.

In addition to pre-purchase inspections, we perform Maryland State Safety Inspections.

In the market for an exotic luxury automobile? Call Rosso Service at 410-638-2886 to schedule a pre-purchase inspection in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, or Delaware area.

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