Ferrari Parts & Service In Maryland

At Rosso Service, we can supply and install a wide range of Ferrari parts, including (but not limited to):

  • Ferrari Brakes
  • Ferrari Drive Trains and Transmissions
  • Ferrari Electronic Components
  • Ferrari Body Parts
  • Ferrari Wheels
  • And More

From basic repairs to full Ferrari restorations, Rosso Service is Maryland's best Ferrari service center. 

Only a certified service technician, trained to repair your high-powered machine by the manufacturer, should work on your Ferrari.  What’s more, Ferrari certified mechanics know to use only authentic Ferrari parts.

Authentic Ferrari Parts

If your Ferrari has been damaged or has components that need to be repaired or replaced, in most cases you will need a repair center with specialized training, tools, and certifications to properly service your car and get it back to proper working order. At Rosso Service, our Ferrari repair technicians have factory training and masters certifications from Ferrari, meaning we have the experience and expertise in Ferrari repair where other auto repair shops fall short.

Our owner, Scott Lankford, has more than two decades of experience in the auto industry with more than 14 of those years specializing in Ferraris and other Italian exotics. As crew lead at Scuderia Ferrari of Washington for eight years, Scott has seen and repaired it all, so trust that when you come to Rosso Service for Ferrari repair in Maryland, you are putting your car in the hands of one of Maryland''s most experienced Ferrari technicians.

Why Choose Rosso Service for Ferrari Parts in Maryland?

  • At Rosso Service, our relationship with the Ferrari name ensures you prompt delivery on any parts your car may need, which are not included in our inventory of authentic Ferrari parts in Maryland.
  • We only install Ferrari-approved parts, held to the same high standard as any component of your automobile.  These parts are tested for quality, reliability, and, above all, safety.  
  • Maintaining the authenticity of your Ferrari is vital to your investment. Substituting a lesser part, based on either the repair shop’s advice, or for your own convenience, would violate the integrity of your Ferrari, and jeopardize your return on investment, should you decide to sell your automobile.
  • Your Ferrari is unlike any other automobile in the world.  At Rosso Service we understand this and will never compromise when it comes to regular maintenance, or repairs.

Whether you’re racing a Formula 1, or cruising down Lombard Street, your Ferrari is a finely tuned machine with precision parts, meant to work together and create the experience only a true Ferrari can provide.  The next time your vehicle needs repairs or service, requiring Ferrari parts in Maryland, contact the Baltimore area’s expert in Ferrari parts and service, Rosso Service.  

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